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I.SE.CO.L.D. S.p.A (Commercial Liquid Oil & Derivatives Service Industry) is a company offering “Services to the Oil & Petroleum Industry”. It was originally set up in 1986 by the Rocco Brothers and is still run today by its founding members, or by members of their family.
It is part of the “Rocco Group” which has been operating in the field of international cereal trading for over 150 years and which also has stakes in the following companies:

Rocco Giuseppe e figli S.p.A.

SO.LA.CE.M. S.p.A.

In 1986, I.SE.CO.L.D. bought a coastal depot from I.I.P. (Italian Petroleum Industry) which was situated in the port of Torre Annunziata (Naples) and used for bitumen storage and handling.
After a major overhaul, the depot was used up until 2002 for the storage of petrochemicals belonging to multinational conglomerates in the sector, such as:

Union Carbide Europe S.A.

Dow Chemical S.A.

Equate S.A.

Montefibre S.p.A.

After 2002 when the facilities were upgraded, it began to be used for storing and handling fuel oil for the Italian branch of the Spanish multinational conglomerate “Repsol YPF” and from 2010 onwards for Saras Raffinerie Sarde S.p.A.
The coastal depot is located on the landward end of the eastern pier of Torre Annunziata, a sea port lying 20 km outside the cities of Naples and Salerno.
In particular, the port of Torre Annunziata lies about 15 nautical miles from the Port of Naples and about 20 from that of Salerno and it is linked to the A3 motorway network (Naples-Salerno-Reggio Calabria) by a trunk road roughly 4 km long. Construction is underway of a municipal link road to the A3 for the benefit of cargo traffic to and from the port.

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